company description

New Healthcare Concepts, Inc. (NHC) is a non-profit, charity organization whose strategic planning will change the current standard of healthcare in skilled nursing homes, adult day cares, and senior apartment living.  Priorities will be set on researched nutrition methods, socialization, and adequate caregiver ratio provided in a village-built environment that will not only provide a high quality of care but will help enhance the quality of life and assist in maintaining each resident’s dignity.  NHC is currently developing a process that will fill the gap between what Medicare and other insurances provide, which will not only allow all classes of income to receive the new standard of care, but will deter premature discharge.    Currently to date, NHC is the only non-profit skilled nursing facility thought to exist in the United States that is attempting to provide this type of care and environment along with the assistance in costs.  Our goal is to change the standard of care in the healthcare industry utilizing the new methods, processes, and protocols we have developed. New Healthcare Concepts, Inc. was founded by China Grove resident, Susan S. Stirewalt and is managed by a Board of Directors.      

New Healthcare Concepts’ will build an adult care campus consisting of a 24/7 skilled nursing home village, a new concept adult day care facility, and a senior apartment complex consisting of twelve senior apartments.  Because of cost concerns, the best skilled nursing facilities cannot provide the type of care that is included in our model.  NHC will be developing several fundraising campaigns that will include those that can only afford $5.00 a month to those that can afford millions and will encourage all individuals, businesses, and philanthropists to step up to the plate and support this much needed endeavor.

In some cases, there are several adults forced to stay with family, in their homes alone, or with other caregivers that are not properly trained to care for them.  With this realization, several individuals are not receiving the adequate care, nutrition, and environment required for a healthy lifestyle.  NHC hopes to assist in eliminating these situations by providing a new model of care and financial process, as well as, considering a microwavable frozen food line that will be available in local grocery stores.