skilled nursing village

New Healthcare Concepts, Inc. will provide a 24/7 skilled nursing village for individuals who are required to receive skilled nursing by their medical doctor and will include ten individual homes with six residents each.  Nutrition will be focused on a diet of clean food prepared by a trained chef and staff who will provide healthier meals with no preservatives added, which, in some cases, has proven to help the symptoms of diseases such as dementia related conditions, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and heart conditions, as well as, being a healthier diet for all geriatric conditions. The cost for the 24/7 skilled nursing village will be competitive with current skilled nursing facilities in our area.

Residents’ will receive the following services in a secured environment:

-         daily health evaluations by a Registered Wound Nurse and/or Licensed Practical Wound Nurse,

-         medications given by a Licensed Practical Nurse,

-         a better relationship with the resident and their personal doctor,

-         proper nutrition via clean food and a diet without additives,

-         an additional layer of socialization from 2:00 – 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday for each

resident as deemed necessary or welcomed,

-         comfortable antibacterial mattresses to replace the very uncomfortable,

antibacterial mattresses that are currently in skilled nursing facilities and area hospitals due to

the cost factor,

-         internship, volunteer, and partnership programs with the area universities, schools, businesses,

and other entities,

-         freedom to wheel, walk, shop, roam, as able, around the village,

-         a wide variety of hobbies and recreational activities, and

-         information on area research projects will be available.

Village shops and services currently include:  Bakery, barber shop, beauty shop, café/coffee shop, chapel, doctor’s office, dog grooming viewing, event center w/kitchen, gardening, grocery market, landscaped green area, and library.